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Hilariously Unfair New USDA Regulations

1.) USDA Seems to want Hemp Flower gone?

As if the end of October was not hard enough on Hemp farmers to begin with, the USDA came out with unfair new “regulations” that could potentially hurt the market as a whole, from farmers to consumers. Right after harvest season came to a close, the USDA thought that new regulations were the best for the Hemp market. What the USDA has come up with is that to be federal compliant the total THC should be under 0.3%. This means that there will be no more THCA, no more TCHV et al. If you think this sounds like a good idea, then think again. This can drive the market down making it impossible for interstate commerce to sell state to state. This will also have a huge impact on the quality of products that hit the shelves for consumers. So, basically, farmers and wholesalers alike will have product that they cannot sell.


2.) What can Hemp do for America and why did the USDA Hastily  Push for New Regulations?

No farmer or consumer that I have found in the last few months seems to particularly like these new USDA Hemp regulations.  We can come up with theories all day long; however, was this done on purpose? The timing seems a little too convenient with the new USDA regulations as well with the hearsay in the community with new potential  FDA regulations that could be very well coming,  that send fear and distrust in The Hemp market. Something that was doing just fine days ago happily regulated, overnight turned into a regulatory nightmare. It goes with the saying ” if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

How You Can Help Fight the USDA Regulations

This can become a big problem for this industry if we do not speak up. There is a 60 day commenting period for the USDA that started on OCT 31st, happy Halloween folks!  Brought to you by the USDA, I mean the Government is just trying to help right? So we should all be commenting on this open commenting period that ends DEC 30th. Just make sure that when you comment that it does not use harsh language or that posts or names are not duplicated. These posts will not be published for the lawmakers to see. As of the time of this writing on NOV 7th 2019, there have only been 350 or so comments on this, that is not good enough. We can make this better for all. This does not stop at just the CBD oils or the CBD isolate, this hurts anyone who farms/uses Hemp Flowers for their health benefits as well. This hurts anyone who likes what THCA has to offer, the list goes on and this is just short of government overreach.

Conclusion on USDA Regulations On Hemp

We need to be commenting that we need more total THC not less. With less total THC the less ” We the People” have to do with our crops. Do the cannabis market a favor and tell Big Brother how you feel without being to unprofessional.  “We the People” find this untimely and unfair. Below I have left the link to the USDA commenting section, please do comment.  As I have time to edit this blog. I will be posting what I know as well as the recordings I have with my local and federal lawmakers. This way everyone can understand what exactly these regulations entail. We need to give the power back to the people, so this wont hurt the hemp market!

“Make the most you can of [hemp], by sowing them again in drills!” – George Washington-








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