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Hemp Flower Kief






hemp flower kief

hemp flower kief

kief COA

kief COA

















How to make Hemp Hash from Hemp Kief, or CBD Kief.

Making hash from kief hemp flower is a wonderful method of preserving resin long after cannabis has been collected. Whether in the kitchen or in the lab, hash making is a process that is available to everyone, for more about what is kief and kief hash  read here.

Using older methods or contemporary  techniques, the process is relatively straightforward. To make hash out of the kief we sell at Tegridy Pharmz is simple, follow the steps below and your hemp hash will turn out amazing. You will only need a few things, Pollen Press and Oven, you can find the pollen press here. Alternately, you can just buy some Tegridy Pharmz Hemp bubble Hash, found here and kief hash here

1.) Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or 176.66 celsius.

2.) Get your Pollen press ready, I cut out little circles of parchment paper so the concentrate wont stick to the press.

You then load up the Pollen Press with Tegridy Pharmz Kief, then put the solid metal piece inside the tube of the press.

3.) You then can start tightening the Pollen Press, sometimes the solid metal piece needs some persuading so you may have

to tap on that firmly, so the threaded cap can screw on without cross threading.

4.) Now that the cap is firmly screwed on we can start to tighten up the press.

5.) Slowly tighten until it comes to the concentrate, you will fell it pressing a bit ONLY GIVE IT A FIRM 1/4 TURN,

The trick here is to not over tighten or you will loose consistency in the hash.

6.) Once your oven is preheated, stick the pollen press in the oven for 5 to 10 mins no longer. If you are doing it 1 gram or less definitely do not go over 5 minutes until

you perfect this process. If you are doing over a gram say 2 to 10 grams, 7 to 10 minutes  is perfect.

7.) Once you have taken the Pollen press out of the oven, give it another firm 1/4 turn, nothing super tight! After, you can let it cool off for a few then carefully stick it in your freezer for 1 to 2 hrs or so.

Use common sense when doing this, do not put something super hot in your freezer, it could melt and damage the inside of the freezer.

Also, using dry ice  a very easy fast way to cool off your Pollen Press. Another tip, is to not use ice water to cool your pollen press off, most pollen Presses are not

   Water resistant and you could ruin your hash.  If you are unsure and want to be safe leave it on top of the stove for a few hrs this will work, although; it is not the fastest option, it will work.

8.) After its cool smoke it, cook with it, whatever,  enjoy! 🙂


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